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The Vickers K was a gas-operated, machine gun that was used by Great Britain during WWII. It was designed to be used in aircraft, but was later used in ground units. It was fed by a 100 round pan magazine and fired the British .303 Cartridge.

Aircraft equipped with Vickers K Machine GunBearbeiten

NB:Most aircraft in this list also carried Browning or Lewis guns as well as the Vickers K.

  • Armstrong Whitworth Whitley - one in nose turret.
  • Bristol Beaufort - two in dorsal turret and one fixed in port wing.
  • Bristol Blenheim - (MkI) one in dorsal turret (Mk IVL) one in manually aimed flexible nose mounting.
  • Fairey Battle - one in manually aimed flexible rear cockpit mounting.
  • Gloster Gladiator - (First 71 aircraft) - two fixed in fuselage.
  • Handley Page Hampden - (Originally) one fixed in nose. (January 1940 onwards) two each in upper and lower rear turrets.
  • Martin Maryland - (RAF) two in manually aimed flexible mountings.
  • Martin Baltimore - (I) one in mid upper manually aimed flexible mounting (II) two in mid upper manually aimed flexible mounting (IV & V) two in rear ventral position.
  • Vickers Wellesley - one belt fed in starboard wing and one in manually aimed flexible rear cockpit mounting.[1]


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