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The PTRS-41 was a semi-automatic, gas-operated, AT Rifle that was used by the Soviet Union during WWII.


It was produced by the Simonov design bureau, and fired the 14.5x114mm Cartridge (the same round used by the PTRD-41 [1]) fed into the breech from a five round internal magazine.[2] The round could penetrate up to 40mm armour at about 100 meters (although the armour had to be at a 90 degree angle, and the rifle needed to be equipped with BS-41 bullets). The PTRS-41 weighed 20.9 kg and was 210.8 cm long, including the 121.6 cm barrel. By 1943, the PTRS-41 was rarely able to penetrate most German tank armour. However, the Soviets used it due to a lack of indigenous rocket launchers. In addition, the PTRS effectively combated lighted armoured vehicles and because of its usage as an anti-personnel weapon, thanks to the efforts of Vasily Zaitsev.

In the early days of the German invasion of Russia, German forces pressed captured examples into service as the 14.5-mm Panzerabwehrbuchse 748(r).[1]


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