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The No. 76 phosphorus grenade was a British variation of the Molotov Cocktail petrol bomb weapon.


The No 76 grenade, also known by its official designation of Grenade, Self-Ignighting, Phosphorus, No.76.[N 1] was basically a glass milk bottle filled with a mixture of Phosphorus, water and Benzine, together with a piece of smoked rubber, which would gradually dissolve in the mixture to make it stick to the target. The bottle would be topped with a pressed-on cap.[2]

Each No 76 grenade weighed approximately 1.18 lbs (0.535 kg), and could either be thrown by hand, or fired using a black powder charge from a Northover Projector. Due to their lack of popularity with their intended users, primarily due to the frequent accidents they caused in transit or use, many examples were buried when the contents became unstable.[2]



  1. Phosphorus weapons like the No 76 were originally designed as smoke grenades, but the burning of the white phosphorus as soon as it came into contact with air led to this type of weapon being adapted for anti personnel and anti tank use.[2]


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