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The M18 recoilless rifle was a shoulder fired anti-tank weapon that was used by the United States military during World War II, the Chinese Civil War, the Korean War, and, to a lesser extent, the Vietnam War.


It required a two-man crew and it had a caliber of 57 mm. The M18 was breech-loaded and could only fire a single shot before reloading.

It also could be fired using a bipod or monopod or just shoulder mounted. The M18 could even be fired from a machine gun tripod mount. The M18 recoilless rifle had a range of about 4,300 yards. However, it also had flaws including a backblast that could give away the user's position. It also weighed around forty-four pounds and was about forty-five inches long.[1]

The M18 was a very interesting design due to its lack of recoil. This was a concept that was explored both by the Axis and the Allies. There were two types of rounds that the M18 could fire: the HEAT round and the High Explosive round.[2] These rounds were significantly more expensive then other anti-tank ammunition like that of the M1 Bazooka. There were no additional variants of the M18.


Although the M18 recoilless rifle was designed in 1943 it didn't enter service until 1945. Many M18s went to the European Theater. It also was used in the Pacific Theater where it was very successful in taking out dug-in Japanese soldiers in the Battle of Okinawa. After World War II the M18 was used to destroy machine gun nests during the Korean War.



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